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Display Cabinets, Trophy Cabinets and Glass Showcases

Aluminium Free Standing Showcases
Wooden Free Standing Showcases
Revolving Showcases & Revolving Cabinets
Aluminium Display Cabinets
& Display Showcases
Wooden Display Cabinets
& Showcases
Revolving Display Cabinets & Revolving Showcases
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Welcome to Cabinets and Showcases we are based in the UK, and specialise in Display Cabinets for retail display.

We offer
 Aluminium and Wooden Glass Showcases, Wall Cabinets, and Display Gondolas for retail display, shop, museums, and for the commercial sectors including Pavement Products, Cafe Barriers, and Queue Barriers.  Besides retail display, we are also a very big supplier to the education sector as we have supplied to hundreds of colleges, schools, and universities all over the UK, as well as supplying Display Cabinets and glass showcases, and Display Gondolas to hundreds of other sectors in commerce and industry. We are experts in retail display.

Our Most Popular Display Cabinets
Aluminium Display Counters &
Wooden Display Counters &

Our Most Popular
Display Cabinets
& Showcases

Aluminium Display Counters &
Counter Display Cabinets
Wooden Display Counters &
Counter Display Cabinets
We hope you will enjoy browsing our wide selection of products, from Display Cabinets, Display Counters, Bespoke Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Ring Cabinets, Ring Display Boxes, Exhibition Cabinets, Folding Display Cabinets and Glass Showcases, Wall Mounted Cabinets, Pavement Signs, Retail and Shop Gondolas, Retail and Shop Cabinets and Glass and Wooden Showcases, Counter Display Cabinets in Aluminium and in Wood, especially for the Retail and Education Sectors, and in the area of Retail Display. Contact us today for display cabinets. Queue Barriers, Cafe Barriers, Restaurant Barriers and Cafe Banners, Chalk Boards, A-Boards and Pavement Signs, Turntables, Literature and Brochure Stands, and Banner Stands & Pop Up Display Systems that are great quality and at fantastic prices. We are passionate about retail display and display cabinets.
Counter Top Showcases & Cabinets
Wall Display Cabinets
Bespoke Display Cabinets
Counter Top Showcases 
& Display Cabinets
Wall Display Cabinets &Showcases Bespoke Display Cabinets 
& Showcases
Cabinets and Showcases also has a large department dedicated to Designing Bespoke Display Cabinets and Display Gondolas, for retail display. In fact complete Shop and Retail Designing, and Shop Fitting as well as supplying and designing display cabinets and showcases to Jewellery and Gift shops, and for Exhibitions is one of our specialities.  Every week we receive orders for Bespoke Display Cabinets and Glass Showcases, and we are constantly asked to design display cabinets and complete shops that is all Bespoke, which is very easy for us to do. Contact us now for retail display.
Folding Display Cabinets & Counters
Folding Display Cabinets & Counters
Folding Exhibition Display Cabinets 
and Counters

Folding Exhibition Display Cabinets 
and Counters

Although mainly it’s the retail, shop, commercial, industrial  and education sectors that we focus on, we also receive orders for Bespoke Cabinets and glass and wooden showcases from people who have private collections at home and who wish to have a bespoke display cabinet or glass showcase designed for them.
Although Cabinets and Showcases is based in the UK we sell our cabinets to many company's in Europe, USA, Australia, and to other countries.
We are happy to accept orders for just one Bespoke Display Cabinet, or just one Bespoke Showcase, and the price between a Standard Display Cabinet, or a Bespoke Display Cabinet  in many cases is very little difference in the price.

We have also been designing and supplying Display Cabinets to the Jewellery Trade for a long time. Halogen lighting or LED lighting, whatever your requirements our design team can help you to create that special display cabinet just for you.
Cafe Barriers and Cafe Banners
Queue Barriers
Cafe Barriers and Cafe Banners Queue Barriers and Ropes
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